Whether your boat is going out of the water for regular winter-storage and maintenance, needs some extraordinary work, or is being launched back into the water, we are here to organise the Boat Lift or Boat Launch for you. And even when you are not here with us, you may rest in peace knowing that your boat is taken care of in a safe and professional manner.



To reach our premises your boat needs a special kind of transport, which depends on the type and size of your boat. We are pleased to bring your boat from and to the marina and to organise the appropriate transport for your boat. Your boat may need either a professional hydraulic trailer, a special marine truck crane, or if less than 2 tons it may fit on a small boat trailer.



If your boat does not weight more than 2 tons we can use a small boat trailer and bring it to and from the marina. In the marina we can use a slip to place your boat in and take it out of the water. In case your boat comes with her own EU trailer we will assist you with trailering and slipping your boat.



Once your boat arrives in our nave, and before we can store her away, we will have to unload the boat from the truck/trailer, and just before she leaves our premises we will have to load it back on the truck/trailer. For the safe and stress free handling, loading and unloading of your boat we are using our special Yardarm Tools such as Boat Jacks and Boat Dollies.

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