• We can accommodate any boat up to 16m in length, 5m in width and 5.5m in height
  • We provide 600m² of INDOOR STORAGE where your boat will be hidden away and
    protected from the rough elements during the winter storms
  • Proper winter storage prevents damages to gangway and platform; mildew and colour
    fading of cushions, fabrics and covers are avoided, and the hull can dry out
  • We organise Travellift & Transport for you and bring your boat from and to its mooring
  • We handle your boat with great care all the way from the port to our clean and orderly
    premises and back to its mooring at the day and time of your choice
  • For those of you who are more budget oriented, we also provide 400m² of
  • In outdoor storage, the boat will still be well protected from elements such as salt water,
    salt gusts, stress pulling of the lines on the cleats and hits to the pontoon
  • In our top equipped premises we use new and innovative tools to handle your boats
  • Your boats are NOT kept on rough wood on just a few square centimeters! Instead we use
    our professional boat storage equipment to store and handle your boat
  • Carpeted ‘large surface pads’ of boat dollies prevent deformations of the hull and
    together with bearing casters allow for easy handling of your boat
  • Boats are easy to move from one place to the other and all parts of the hull can be
    accessed easily and safely.
  • No more ‘two minute’ painting of the block patches just before
    launch in the sea!
  • Using Hydraulic Boat Lifters allows us for a fast and secure placing, lifting and transport
    of your boat
  • Using boat and trailer tugs allows easy movement of your boat on the dollies
  • Using professional tools provides the highest level of safety
  • In our modern facilities we provide a full service package, from engine & outdrive diagnosis,
    service and repair, gelcoat repairs, fibra works, antifouling painting, polishing, electric and
    electronic works to a metal polish, de-rusting and upholstery cleaning
  • We do evaluation and provide technical solutions
  • We organise for you all metal, upholstery, fabric and carpentry works
  • As our clients we will support you while in water should any need arise


  • Perfect solution in case you want to use your boat only for couple of weeks per year
  • You may wish to store your boat with us and keep it in an enclosed fully protective environment
  • During the period you are in Mallorca, we can organise Transport and mooring for you
  • Or you have a trailer and you wish to come periodically and trailer you boat into the water
  • This will save you the expensive whole year mooring and maintenance costs and increase your boat’s longevity
  • If you may need to take your boat out of the water during the summer period for any reason, you can store it on our premises, indoor or outdoor
  • If required, we can help you to resolve any technical or mechanical issue your boat may encounter
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